Clothing – Judogi

For judo, players are expected to wear a Judogi (Suit) and Obi (Belt) that is based on the Japanese Kimono along with suitable Zori’s (Sandals) when off the mat. These are all available through the club at discounted prices.


The Judogi’s usually come in several colours mainly white and blue, we do not mind you wearing either at training sessions however for competitions you should always have a white suit which is traditional and some competitions only allow you to wear white.

The Obi colour is a way of acknowledging the level of progress a player has in mastering Judo and must be tied correctly with a knot at the front. This short video shows how to tie the Randori Knot.

Judogis can be adorned with certain judo patches such as the Club badge, County Squads badges or Grading progress patches. These must be placed as in the picture and not have any broken stitching. (The Hampshire squad patch goes on the left breast)

Hants Squad Patch Gold 2014