Mon and Kyu Syllabus (over 8’s and Seniors)

As part of the BJA Summit Judo Club perform gradings according to the BJA syllabus – Click Here

Both Adults and Juniors Grade through a series of belts leading to the coveted BLACK BELT (Dan grade of which there are 10).

The Syllabus is the same for Adults as well as juniors although each belt is split into 3 stripes for the juniors known as Mons.

For those that have them you will find your Diaries also have your syllabus for the next grade. (You can obtain the diaries from the BJA judo store)

Gradings can take place through a lesson or a series of lessons or held as standalone grading sessions and do not need to be completed in one go.

Gradings consist of sections

Fundamental Skills – Breakfalls, Throws, Holds etc
Performance Skills – Techniques on the move combinations and counters etc
Personal Choice – Options of techniques chosen and performed by the candidate
Terminology and Suplementry Knowledge – Japanese language related to judo, rules, referees signals etc

Only one grade can be taken at a time with a period to improve in between.:

3 months for juniors up to 6th mon
2 months for 7th mon  +
1 month for Senior Novice to 5th Kyu
2 months for 4th Kyu +

Gradings typically happen twice a year however if you feel you are ready to take a grading please speak to one of your senseis.

Junior Over 8’s Syllabus Syllabus Pictorial Guides Click on image for better detail.

Below is a list of the belts for Juniors and Adults.

Colour Juniors (Mon = Stripe)

 Red Novice – 3rd Mon 6th Kyu
 Yellow 4th – 6th Mon 5th Kyu
 Orange 7th – 9th Mon 4th Kyu
 Green 10th- 12th Mon 3th Kyu
 Blue 13th- 15th Mon 2nd Kyu
 Brown 16th – 18th Mon 1st Kyu
 Black 1st Dan (15yrs old+) 1st Dan
 Red/White N/A 6th – 8th Dan
 Red N/A 9th-10th Dan

The Club Coaches are qualified to take gradings up and including 18th Mon / 1st Kyu. For Dan gradings there are events held throught the area and can be found in the events section.

Once completed there is an admin charge for registration of the grade we do not charge for failed gradings. Please speak to your sensei for the current cost.